The 6th Fotofestival 2015 bearing the title [7P] - [7] Places [7] Precarious Fields has completed its run. We would like to take the opportunity in this Newsletter to share a few reflective words from our curator URS STAHEL:

"A woman stares into the void, out beyond the usual frame. Confused, uncertain, questioning. She is part of the tremendous video-text work ‘History Zero' by Stefanos Tsivopoulos. The biennial closed its doors last Sunday, but the term, ‘History Zero' fits many events and topics of our present day. We can apply it to our financial system, our surveillance system, our radical exploitation of nature, to the critical, tense state of our psyches. Precarious fields are opening up everywhere, everywhere we seem, sometimes at least, to be heading towards a zero point. Far more intensively, even, than just during the Fotofestival planning. We observe all this with increasing concern, we wish ourselves strength, energy and luck, and perhaps, unexpectedly, we will encounter new forms of solidarity in an age of extremely exaggerated stylisation of one's own individuality."

We are looking back at two intensive months featuring exciting events, education formats, readings and discussion rounds concerning the [7] exhibitions in Mannheim, Ludwigshafen and Heidelberg.

Media resonance, with articles in the trade press, cross-regional weekly newspapers, as well as in international press formats, was consistently positive. The festival's international significance was underlined by articles in Austria (Standard) and Switzerland (Kunstbulletin), but also, among other countries, in the United Kingdom (Guardian) and the USA (New York Times). The Fotofestival, as an internationally renowned contemporary photography biennial, was able to affirm and further reinforce its exceptional position.

"The 6th Fotofestival Mannheim-Ludwigshafen-Heidelberg has reached its climax. Curator Urs Stahel lit a firework that can leave no visitor cold. Topics that tingle on the skin and keep the mind busy. No school of seeing this time, rather a school of reflection." Eberhard Hess, Photo International

We are delighted to announce that nearly 36.000 visitors saw the exhibitions and participated in the 136 events of the supporting programme.

At this year's Fotofestival we additionally hosted numerous groups of students from Switzerland and throughout Germany and we are delighted with the overall brisk reception among colleges and universities.

The visitor feedback analysis, carried out for the second time during this run, also awards the Festival excellent marks. The proposals and suggestions from the interviews will help us when planning the next Festival - a sincere thank you to all who took part in our evaluation.

thank you!

Our thanks go to the Festival's visitors as well as to our patrons and partners, without whom the ambitious project [7P] would not have been realisable.

We direct our particular thank-you to our curator Urs Stahel, who, with [7P], succeeded in realising in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region a top-quality exhibition concept that laid a finger on the pulse of the times and confronted highly current socio-political topics.

The Fotofestival will take place for the next and therefore seventh time from September until November 2017. We publish current information on our website www.fotofestival.info and on Facebook. We look forward to having you with us again.

Best regards from the entire 6th Fotofestival team

Image: Installation view of Stefanos Tsivopoulos, History Zero, 2013. Photo: Timo Petersen

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